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"When it comes to photography, the word "document" is loaded - perhaps overloaded – with meaning. As a verb, it can represent the act itself; as a noun, the resulting object; and transformed into an adjective – "documentary" – a proud but nevertheless problematic genre, with a noble yet knotted history. In recent years, contemporary practitioners have carefully avoided if not abandoned the term altogether, wary of being accused of corrupting or taking advantage of its assumed veracity, or of misleading the viewer through their medium's ever-expanding malleability. Within photography today, many would rather be called a "storyteller" than a "documentarian"; the territory of truth is stranger – and more treacherous – than fiction.

Nevertheless, most photographers – perhaps beguiled by their elusiveness, their ambiguity, their untrustworthiness and yet their persistent power, as well as their newfound taboo status – remain infatuated with "documents"; not their own, per say, but rather those that are seemingly un-authored, or those have been set free from their defining contexts to float freely in the ever-thickening atmosphere of images that we now navigate every day. Old postcards and new "found" pictures; roughly-torn clippings and cleanly-clicked screengrabs; discarded mistakes and long-ignored outtakes; forgotten albums and long-lost archives. These are the sources of inspiration for many of today's most exciting and promising photographic practitioners, who build upon the foundations of such ephemera – upon the abandoned ruins of "the document" itself – to tell new stories, make new meanings, and perhaps even reveal obscured or unknown truths that might otherwise remain hidden, un-"documented", or undiscovered."


"Co-Curate Magazine: Issue #1, 'The Document'" - February 2016
Aaron Schuman Photography

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