1. Stranger Than Paradise, by Jim Jarmusch, 1984 (Film Poster)

2. Paradise, Desire, and Panic, Pennsylvania?!?, by talula815 (panoramio.com), 2007

4. Paradise Lost, by John Milton, 2nd Edition, 1669

5. General Février, North Kivu, Eastern Congo, by Richard Mosse, 2010

6. Apocalypse Now, by Francis Ford Coppola (Publicity Photograph), 1976

7. found in Brooklyn, by Craig Mammano, 2009

8. from The Brandenburg Album, by Flora Muybridge
(Photographs by Eadweard Muybridge), 1873-74

9. 'Beach Home of Cary Grant, Santa Monica, California', from Homes of the Stars Postcard Series, 1940s

10. Adam and Eva in Paradise, Santa Monica, California, by lkurnarsky (flickr.com), 2007

3. from A Road Divided, by Todd Hido, 2010

"Stranger Than Paradise"
Aaron Schuman Photography

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